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Door Father Futureback
9 september 2010

Boris de Vries aka Father Futureback dook onder in de natuur en ontdekte het geheime sexleven van planten. Voor De Hitsige Optimist maakte hij een selectie van zijn werken van ‘Out There – The Sexcellent Lives of Plants’, met tekst en uitleg. “Young innocent leaves, tranny sluts, cumdrenched landscapes, hard wood, animals, I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! I’M OBSESSED!!! Lots of action, all done with maximum emphasis on great tease, tantalizing visions and PASSION.”


‘Out There’

‘Urge to Cum’
“The biggest pervert in nature is the hawkbit (Taraxacum officinale). It’s like the most common flower there is in cities and he cums a lot in public. If a guy would do that… people would freak out and call the police, but this flower can do it whenever he feels like it.”

“The sexlives of plants are very similar to the sexlives of humans but they don’t close no curtains or turn off the lights when it’s happening, and it’s everywhere almost all day every day!”
‘Psychedelic Cumfest’, video

“Darwin is like THE bona fide OG when it comes to the sexcellent lives of plants. He was the first to discover it all in his backyard. A true pioneer.”

‘Hard, Woody and Lifelike’

Tell us what gives Father Futureback some true hard wood!
There’s so many stuff that get me hyped every day, sometimes I can’t even handle it.. and then I just OD on life itself and need to get an oxygen tank. Man… there’s so many cool ideas to work out and there’s always killer heavy jams, movies, food, books, drinks, art, my girl, friends etc. etc.

‘Slutty Forest’, video

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